Sunday, 29 June 2014

Students' union

Research in action in the Allerton Project lab at Loddington
Loddington is a hive of activity as MSc students from universities across the country carry out their fieldwork.  Richard Stone (Southampton University) is mapping ecosystem services for our farm-scale 'School Farm' demo catchment.  Michael Dorr (Derby University) is investigating sediment movement in the catchment.  Stephen Jones (Nottingham University) is investigating in-field earthworm distribution, while Tichaona Sanangura (Cranfield University) is examining a range of soil properties in our arable fields.  Alejandra Barrios Rivera (York University) is using GIS at the landscape scale to explore the relationship between land use and water quality in the Water Friendly Farming project.  Tom Keighley (Nottingham University) is assessing sedimentation in riffles along the full lengths of the Eye Brook and Stonton Brook tributaries of the Welland.  This work will link with Rosaline Nicholls's (Leicester University) study of stream ecology along the same streams.

In combination, these student projects reflect our current research focus, integrating the study of field scale soil ecology and other properties with landscape scale processes influencing water, both as a resource, and as a habitat.

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